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Old Fort , NC

Forecast Last Updated at Saturday, May 26, 2018 at 6:41AM

Humid; Mostly PM T-showers

Tropical air is streaming north around high pressure anchored in the Atlantic. The result will be an unsettled Memorial Day weekend with clouds and daily doses of mostly afternoon and evening showers and storms. We'll have some dry hours but any outdoor activity needs a backup plan. Subtropical Storm Alberta is strengthening in the Caribbean. It will reach the AL/MS Gulf Coast early Tuesday, then make a slow trek north into the Tennessee Valley then toward the Mid-Altlantic keeping the daily threat of showers and storms in the Southern Appalachians and Foothills next week.

Here are the Winners of the 2019 Blue Ridge Parkway Photo Contest. We received 720 photos and over 16,000 votes. The cover winner was Johnny Davidson.. A rime ice scene from the top of Craggy Pinnacle. Congratulations to all the monthly winners. We will soon choose another 40 or so photos to be included in cameo roles. Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest.


Hi: 79 Lo: 63

Mostly cloudy; Mostly afternoon & nighttime showers & thunderstorms; South wind 5-10 mph

Hi: 81 Lo: 63

Mostly cloudy; Scattered mostly PM & nighttime showers & thunderstorms; South wind 5-10 mph

Hi: 79 Lo: 62

Mostly cloudy; Scattered mostly PM & nighttime showers & thunderstorms for Memorial Day; Light South wind

Hi: 81 Lo: 64

Mostly cloudy with showers & thundershowers likely

Hi: 81 Lo: 64

Mostly cloudy with showers & thundershowers

Further Out

Thursday - Mostly cloudy; Scattered mostly PM showers & thundershowers; High in the lower 80s; Low in the mid 60s
Friday - Mostly cloudy; Scattered mostly PM showers & thundershowers; High in the mid 80s; Low in the mid 60s

Forecast Discussion

We enjoyed two days with less shower/thundershower coverage. That fun is over as juicy, tropical air streams north around high pressure centered well out in the Atlantic. Next week, we'll deal with remnant of Subtropical Storm Alberto chucking slowly north into the Tennessee Valley and eventually east toward the Mid-Atlantic. There are no fronts from the northwest to rescue us from the tropical soup in the foreseeable future.

If you are planning outdoor activities during Memorial Day Weekend, make contingencies for showers and storms in this humid, southerly flow. We'll have some dry hours and most of the showers and storms will be in the afternoon and evening in response to daytime heating.

Beginning Tuesday, we'll deal with the effects of Subtropical Storm Alberto. It is in the Southern Caribbean gathering strength. Alberto will arrive on the AL/MS Coast early Tuesday morning. Inland, it moves slowly into the Tennessee River Valley then east toward the Mid-Atlantic. It's a very slow mover and will keep showers and storms in our region next week, mostly focused but not limited to the afternoon/evening hours.


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